Hello & welcome,
to my personal blog about programming, optimizations and computer science in general. You can even contribute or at least have a look at some of my projects in my personal GIT repository. I'm a huge fan of free software philosophy, therefore most of my projects are licensed under GNU GPL v3, if possible. I've had the opportunity to study software engineering at great Faculty of Informatics and Management in the beatiful city of Hradec Králové.
Currently, I invest a lot of time into learning the depths of Rust programming language, a brand new systems programming language by Mozilla Research. Yes, Mozilla are are the boys and girls reponsible for Firefox, maybe the last one widely spread browser resisting to total privacy corruption. It serves as a drop-in replacement for C. Actually, it provides much more. Closures, Python-like syntactic sugar, great concurrency model and much more !
Yes, Java. The workhorse. Need something done fast ? A website ? A GUI application ? Java has really evolved into something worthy with version 8. JavaFX 8 makes you productive at creating GUIs, functional programming paradigm finally makes it easy to work with collections of data. Yes, I've done some projects like this and enjoyed it. I have some web projects too. Using JEE 7, especially JSF 2.2, I find Spring Framework too heavy and mostly deprecated in functionality. For a long time, I was deploying to GlassFish, but now my servers run on WildFly, a supreme application runtime. Tomcat is dead and buried.
At first, I didn't like agent-based simulations. Mostly because of trivial & boring problems I had to solve. But at university, I was shown true power of agent simulations. I am now a big fan of AnyLogic. It lets me design agent simulations in no time. It is powered by Java, so anything can be done. And also, there is a nice text book written for newcomers. It costs almost nothing, but teaches almost everything.